Saffron Extract – The Ultimate Wonder In The Weight Loss Industry

Any cooking enthusiast is familiar with the saffron extract, which is among the tastiest ingredients you can use in the kitchen. However, just like plenty of other regular herbs used in your everyday activities, saffron has also been researched and proven to have some extra uses as well. According to most studies, it seems to play a positive role in the battle against excessive pounds. Moreover, the supplement has been featured in a few television shows as well. Although it has not managed to gain as much popularity as other natural ingredients, there are no doubts that the positive reviews have seriously increased the sales.

What is the saffron extract?

Saffron extract originates in a plant that is not very popular around the kitchen. There are no other sources, while extracting it is extremely complicated. In order to gain a decent amount of extract, a worker requires a lot of flowers. Believe it or not, manufacturers require more than 70,000 flowers to come up with a pound. This is the reason wherefore it is more expensive than other ingredients, while the recent news has increased its costs even more. Moreover, the respective flowers grow in Spain only, so the costs are less likely to go down anytime soon.

I suspect that you are correct. Simple carbohydrates and processed foods do the exact same thing to me. That’s why I drink a coke at the onset of a migraine. Within 15 – 20 minutes I’m asleep. I call it my sugar crash. Refined flour, processed foods with little to no protein, sugars, etc… I try to avoid all of these.

I also suspect that your lunch may not have had enough protein. My daily protein goal is 70g therefore I try to get 25g per meal. Does Panera have nutritional data on their menu or website?

How does the extract help in weight loss?

The extract has an indirect action over the weight. Practically, it is proven to increase the levels of serotonin in the body. The hormone plays a vital role on your appetite. The higher its levels are, the fuller you feel. Therefore, if kept under control, the hormone can make you feel full without your stomach to actually be filled. Therefore, a high quality supplement will help you reduce your cravings and hunger sensations. Practically, you can forget about all the small snacks across the day, not to mention about staying hungry only to come up with a good looking silhouette. Such a weight loss process is natural, but also progressive. In other words, there are no risks involved.

Saffron extract was featured on Dr. Oz’s show, yet plenty of people may still be anxious about products that do not undergo any scientific tests. This is when plenty of products lose their popularity. Luckily enough, saffron is not among them. In fact, its effectiveness is backed up by a series of scientific tests. The most attractive results include the possibility to skip snacks over a day, but also an obvious decrease in the sugar needs of your body.