One Thousand Different Ways Not to Lose Weight

I had a little discussion with a girl the other day who was adamant you can’t lose weight without exercise and I insisted that eating less was the secret. I gave up after a few minutes because nobody wanted to admit defeat and I just didn’t care to turn it into a full blown argument. My final words were that I’ve lost 13kg without really doing much cardio as I don’t like it, it was all the Venus Factor diet. She still didn’t believe me.

It’s so hard to keep going after trying and not succeeding so many times. How did you know that this time would be worth it, that it would finally be different?
Mass propaganda on how to lose weight wouldn’t work for long if people actually lost weight. Thus by giving conflicting messages (ever seen a cover of Women’s day with “drop 10lbs in 10days” besides a pic decadent cupcakes!) they key their lost sheep literally eating out of their hand for life.

I just watched a Dr. Oz episode where he talks about little food “shortcuts” that will miraculously take off x amount of pounds a year if you do them. The problem is that if you still eat too much, you’ll still never reduce weight. As I was watching I really felt for all these people who will listen to the advice, perhaps follow it, but then get frustrated when they still can’t lose weight. Like you, I was there too, afraid of starvation mode and thinking that exercise was the answer because that’s all we ever hear and they don’t know about the Venus Factor. When will the simple message of just eat less finally become mainstream?

Very little protein. I am having a problem getting all the protein I should. It says 80 g for me! That’s huge! I use the Gold Standard Whey, but at 110 cals a scoop, I don’t do it every day. I saw your post with hot drinks with protein powder, and I think I’ll get creative with that.

Since I have been a runner and weight lifter most of my life most people assume that I lost weight by running more. LOL. My husband and I laughed because I have tried losing weight for 20 years now. How many times I would have a friend training for a marathon and I would train with her and run it as well just because “maybe I could lose some weight this time”. It never happened. I’ve tried every diet and always ate afraid of “starvation mode”. So many people out there are still in this mindset and it’s a hard paradigm shift for them to grasp the Venus program. But I can be patient with them because I was there not long ago, and I was there for a very long time.